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Aug 7, 2012

Review: What's Your Number? (2011)

          Anna Faris, Chris Evans, Joel McHale, Zachary Quinto, Martin Freeman, Andy Samberg, Anthony Mackie, Blythe Danner, Ed Begley, Jr., Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Thomas Lennon, Mike Vogel, Chris Pratt, Dave Annable, Ari Graynor, Aziz Ansari, Eliza Coupe, Heather Burns, Kate Simses, Tika Sumpter and Denise Vasi.

                  Mark Mylod.

                I feel really awkward to be reviewing a movie i strictly forbade myself from watching, i knew it was awful as hell but don't know why i still watched it on TV two months back. I seriously hate filmmakers for ruining genres like horror, comedies and rom-coms these days and this is yet another example of badly made rom-com. So What's Your Number is a raunchy romantic comedy starring the slightly underrated Anna Faris and the superhero guy with abs Chris Evans and its apparently based on a book. Anna Faris is this pretty blond girl Ally, living in a beautiful apartment on her own. She loses her job and thus finds her way to the self-discovery (of course). And i am not talking about spiritual journey or Eat Pray Love. After reading an article in a magazine (Of course) which is titled "What's Your Number", the article asks the readers to calculate how many sexual partners they have had in their lives. Ally's number is double the average so she decides to track down all of those ex-boyfriends in a hope that one of them might have grown into the MAN she is suppose to marry so the number of men she slept with would not increase anymore. Chris Evans as Colin Shea is this next door neighbor of Ally, he helps her find all those men but things, well they don't turn out the way they thought them to.

               While i was watching this movie i couldn't help but kind of fell into the whole underlying sweetness of the story somehow and the characters. This is not to say that it was really engaging story or something but i mean its very formulaic, same old suffering-blond-meets-a-cocky-hunk-both-on-their-separate-ways-but-ultimately-meets-each-other-towards-the-end kind of a story but they still tried to do something different. I still am in love with the other raunchy rom-com Friends with Benefits which is the best comparison i can do, watch both of these movies and Friends with Benefits will look like an Oscar winning film. That movie with all the raunch and foul mouth and weird characters was a very well made movie, the actors did a fantastic job and it never actually went the way these rom-coms go. Instead it took the jokes on itself, it was so anti-rom-com like literally the characters were laughing at the usual rom-com cliches. Here what you will see is the usual silliest way the writers want us to somehow connect with these characters who doesn't even look like they belong on earth. Every joke in this movie feels really forced and obvious and they doesn't really come off that funny. Talking about the chemistry between the lead pair, yes there is one, somehow. A scene in basketball court felt coming a miles away i mean every rom-com has it.

              Anna Faris can do so much better than this but she is not given the right kind of material to work with. What's Your Number also had some really awful guest appearances by the actors who were suppose to be Ally's ex-boyfriends. They are shown as absolutely worst guys on earth, they are just pathetic or weird and you can't help it but question Ally's choices in men to have suddenly change i mean that doesn't even make sense. Anyway for what it was, it started off really bad and felt dragged and forced towards the middle but when the lead pair finally realizes they have feelings for each other, that is where the movie looks like it still has something. Whimsical and tries to be very dramatic at times and when everything gets serious in the movie, that is where i laughed. I have no idea why i even watched this pathetic movie, but it did and i hate myself for it.

Grade: D