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Aug 4, 2012

Movies of August 2012.

August 2012 largely seems a bit dull but it still has some of the most interesting and a few of my anticipated movies. The Dark Knight Rises created some splash in every front and studios right not might not be very scared releasing their bigger movies this month like the release of the remake of classic Arnold Schwarzenegger TOTAL RECALL, return of the Testosterone filled sequel of EXPENDABLES and a few others.

We also have some more meaningful action movies like the new BOURNE movie and LAWLESS and a few arthouse attractions like COSMOPOLIS and 2 DAYS IN NEW YORK.

Below is the list of my anticipated movies from August 2012:

1. The Bourne Legacy
2. Cosmopolis
3. Lawless
4. ParaNorman
5. Premium Rush

Well i am a big fan of the Bourne franchise which i believe is literally the best action (minus fantasy/sci-fi) series of the century. The exclusion of Matt Damon really didn't effected my very much though i really like him in it. Jeremy Renner is a very underrated actor, i appreciated his work in The Hurt Locker followed by his another amazing performance in The Town and then now, slew of action movies like The Avengers, MI4 etc.

Cosmopolis, well what can i say? Its David the-insane Cronenberg! Also Lawless which had its screening at Cannes looks stunning, Weinstein's are back with a force with more movies to come this year. ParaNorman looks like one of those animated (i mean stop-motion) movies that i am going to love. And well JGL alone is the reason i am looking forward to Premium Rush which is finally releasing after some release dates changes.

Other Movies i am looking forward to (will wait for the reviews):

- Celeste and Jose Forever
- Hope Springs
- The Awakening
- 2 Days in New York
- Sparkle
- Chicken with Plums
- The Possession

Not Interested in the following Movies:

- Total Recall
- Diary of a Wimpy Kids: Dog Days
- 360
- The Campaign
- Goats (Good actors but i don't know anything about it)
- The Odd Life of Timothy Green
- The Expendables 2
- Why Stop Now?
- Hit & Run
- The Apparition
- Little White Lies
- The Good Doctor