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Feb 23, 2012

Oscars 2012 Nominations Special (Lead Actor - Male)

Here we are at the final acting and the second last overall category for the discussion and yes i have many thing to talk about.
Best Actor in a Lead Role Male:

Well this time, once again, its one of the most or should i say the strongest category of the year with 4 of the best performance of the year that i simply can't make up my mind for. I loved all of them, i think all of them has particular reasons as to why they deserve the Oscar and many things else.

1. Demian Bichir - A Better Life
                                                               A Better Life was a small movie that i ignored back when it was released but it is now nominated in the Lead Actor category. This is a surprise, a shock literally for being nominated over much better and much more award winning performances like Michael Fassbender and Michael Shannon. Demian Bichir just got 2 nominations, this one and in Screen Actors Guild and that is it. I honestly don't think he deserves to be nominated over much greater performances, i was sort of making myself believe that he wasn't going to get nominated but i should have known when he got the SAG nomination. Nevertheless this movie is heart touching and so is his performance, very genuine and realistic with the right kind of emotions.

2. Gary Oldman - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
                                                                                     Exceptional performance from a exceptional movie, his nomination makes me so incredibly happy. I was rooting for a nod even though many people thought he wouldn't and that the movie itself wont be a much success with the Oscar voters but it did. This movie really turned out to be absolutely different from what most of the people thought it would be, taking a different route for a espionage thriller is what makes this movie so special. It has many good performances from a very big ensemble cast but its true that Oldman stands out with a very seriously deep and impressive performance in a otherwise cold movie.

3. Brad Pitt - Moneyball
                                                 He is my favorite, i want him to win. Yes a movie that gained tremendous buzz upon its release for the movie and Brad Pitt but in the end, people forgot it for much flawed The Help and much overpraised other contenders otherwise this is a fantastic movie, one of its kind and a performance that wins you over. Brad Pitt got Benjamin Button where he performed really good and last year came both The Tree of Life which he produced too making him one of the very best working actors of this time in my list. I truly and deeply respect Mr Pitt after what he did last year with amazing performance showing his dedication to the cinema. The kind of performance he gives in Moneyball is very spontaneous, natural and quite easy feel which brings the best of him. The way he played Billy Bean is something i Will never forget at all. In the close up scenes, you can even see the pain, love or any other emotion in his eyes like for example in the end scene. I am very touched and impressed by him and i really want him to win which will be a miracle considering its a battle between Clooney and Dujardin but heart wants what it want right? The reason why he should win is because as i mentioned earlier, its time to give him the much deserved Oscar and is in that phase of his career i mean such great performances one after another.

4. Jean Dujardin - The Artist
                                                          He is the winner of the prestigious Cannes best actor last year and seeing him nominated for an Oscar for the same movie is something that don't happen but he managed to somehow win everyone over. I blame the movie for it and that is not a negative thing as i loved everything about The Artist. Most of the people everywhere thinks his charms and persona is the reason he is getting nominated and not for serious stuff, which makes me wonder did they even saw the entire The Artist or not? Because if those stupid people (pardon me) see the whole movie, they will find Dujardin doing some serious and i mean downright serious acting and crying towards the end. During the entire movie he is very believable in the role of an actor like from the very first shot you get him. He recently won the SAG and BAFTA surprisingly which makes me and everyone else wonders, is he going to win? That is bugging me, not that i don't like him but the reason why i don't want him to win an Oscar right now is to let the other 2 most deserving ones, Pitt and Clooney win. Dujardin just came to Hollywood, won everyone's heart and proved his talent so he will get much great work now but Academy shouldn't give him this honorable trophy yet.

5. George Clooney - The Descendants
                                                                           Here comes the one who won the most awards this season among the nominees and a true best actor of the year, technically. I got so use to him, i was bored a little but when the Dujardin started winning everything, that is when i realised that he is my favorite to win the Oscars and no one else. People say bad things about him and his performance, they say he always plays himself, he is same in every movie, that is hardly true. His performance is quite natural and situational, yes he talks the same every time but he performs different and very appropriate according to the need of the movie and his character. I have seen a tremendous growth in him since Up in the Air and he continuous to shine. The only reason why i want him to win this, i should rephrase it, i am praying for him to win for The Descendants because for an actor like him, considering his work before this movie, he needs it very very much. George Clooney always finds himself playing the solitary characters with no family, love or girlfriends i know he had them in a few (the girls) but he works with them and then leaves them or the leaves him most of the time. What i am trying to say is that for the first time ever, i suppose, he is a family man with family problems to worry about which makes him go very deep, emotionally giving a superb performance and without a doubt his best performance of the career.

My Choices:
                        Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

Early Prediction:

1st. George Clooney (The Descendants) and Jean Dujardin (The Artist) [50/50 chance]
3rd. Brad Pitt - Moneyball
4th. Gary Oldman - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
5th. Demian Bichir - A Better Life