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Dec 20, 2014

Nevada Film Critics Society Awards 2014

Very interesting choices from the Nevada Film Critics Society in their 2014 awards announcement. "Gone Girl" won its first best picture prize with the group, they also awarded Rosamund Pike from the film. The only two awards won by the David Fincher directed thriller. Boy is Julianne Moore loosing steam. Anyways, "Nightcrawler" was the big winner of the night winning awards for director (Dan Gilroy), lead actor (Jake Gyllenhaal) and for screenplay. "Boyhood" won awards for youth performance and supporting actress, Patricia Arquette had a tie with Jessica Chastain. "Interstellar" wins its second cinematography prize of the season. Check out the full list of winners below:

Best Film - Gone Girl

Best Director - Dan Gilroy, Nightcrawler
Best Actor - Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler
Best Actress - Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl
Best Supporting Actor - JK Simmons, Whiplash
Best Supporting Actress - (tie) Jessica Chastain, A Most Violent Year & Patricia Arquette, Boyhood
Best Screenplay - Dan Gilroy, Nightcrawler
Best Animated Movie - Big Hero 6
Best Documentary - Citizenfour
Best Cinematography - Interstellar
Best Production Design - The Grand Budapest Hotel
Best Visual Effects - Interstellar
Best Ensemble Cast - Guardians of the Galaxy
Best Youth Performance - Ellar Coltrane, Boyhood