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Mar 17, 2012

My Review for MRS. DOUBTFIRE.

                  Robin Williams, Sally Field, Lisa Jakub, Matthew Lawrence, Mara Wilson, Pierce Brosnan, Harvey Fierstein, Scott Capurro, Robert Prosky, Polly Holliday, Anne Haney, William Newman, Martin Mull, Todd Williams, Ashley Harris, James Rankin, Stuart Fredrick Hillard and Roscoe Lee Browne.

Directed By:
                         Chris Columbus.

                Mrs Doubtfire is one of the first Chris Columbus movies i saw back, i love it very much as it is very appealing and hilarious. This is one of the most funniest comedies i have ever seen and i literally laugh hysterically at many scenes which is very rare. I just get amused or smile a bit on funny scenes in comedies mostly but its very rare when i laugh so much. The character stays with you and at the end, you cheer up or tear up a bit and you say "wow what a lovely movie" while taking a deep breath. And by that literal description what i really wanted to say was that Mrs Doubtfire isn't just silly fun with a dress up male character pretending to be a Norbit or Madea or the Big Momma but you end up feeling something for it and the whole movie seems quite a complete experience with fun, enjoyment, learning, drama and just a great time. Mrs Doubtfire is the story of Daniel played by Robin Williams who is an unemployed voice actor who acts and makes these hilarious weird voices of everything and everyone. He is married to the interior designer, Miranda played by Sally Field and has three children. Their are some serious problems going on between Miranda and Daniel, Miranda dislikes his childish weird behavior and not taking things seriously and have literally lived over years with that but gets feds up one day when Daniel throws a wild zoo party for his son who just got bad grades without even telling Miranda. They get divorce and the custody goes to Miranda as she is employed and Daniel is allowed to see them just once a week.

               With the help of his friend, Daniel adapts a alter ego of a woman named Euphegenia Doubtfire on the phone after he sees the advertisement of a housekeeper by Miranda. And by the help i mean he dresses up and takes help of prosthetics and makeup and looks like a old woman so that he can spend time with his lovely children. Daniel seems to get better and better and the children too gets very fond of Mrs Doubtfire. And the story continues with some hilarious plot twists and i think i should stop giving away everything right now. So i think this is one of the funniest that Robin Williams have ever been, i am certainly not impressed by his recent work. He also did some great dramatic roles and some acclaimed semi-dramatic/comedic roles and i respect him for that even though i literally don't like him anymore but that work will stay with me. Mrs Doubtfire is a funny movie with moments of complete laugh out loud and plain funny moments that keeps you very interested and also the sheer talent of Robin Williams to be the best of both Daniel and Mrs Doubtfire. The scenes at the hotel where he has to dress up both as Mrs Doubtfire and Daniel back and forth shows how great he can act. Also you feel for his character because he makes you do that with the love, regret and pain on his face when he is about to loose his children over their own issues.

              Chris Columbus used to be great with family oriented movies and this is one of the examples. To be honest i am short of words and thoughts right now so i am not sure i would be able to write much. I love how the movie ends with Miranda watches an episode of Mrs Doubtfire's TV show where she replies a letter by a children whose parents are separated saying that no matter how their way of living is, love will always remain in them and for each other and that is the bond that would tie them together. Yeah will there are some very sweet moments too apart from the hilarious scenes that comes off of Mrs Doubtifre trying to hide her real identity. I have seen this movie so many times and i love it very much, there are some minor flaws which is very normal for a movie like this but the good thing is that it doesn't take away anything from the movie.

Grade: B-