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Jan 22, 2012

Producers Guild Awards 2012

Well the Producers Guild announced their winners today with no surprises, but still.

Best Picture: The Artist
Best Animated Picture: The Adventures Of Tintin

I knew like everyone else that The Artist is destined to win and there is not stopping now. Even if the DGA gives it to Scorsese or someone else, that won't matter. Even i am expecting a Picture/Director split this year but not quite confident on that. What bothers me is that Tintin won Animated Picture, i mean clearly Rango is the winner but come on, they love Spielberg and if the Tintin popularity is the only reason they gave the award for than i am sorry this is completely insane. I haven't seen it yet but it looks like a big technical achievement for motion capture animation and a game changer for sure but Rango is the most original, surreal and amazing animated movie i have seen last year and it won the most awards with some great reviews while Tintin got a not so great response from Critics but its winning despite of that shows how much of Academy or the members are loosing the whole quality aspect.