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Jan 14, 2015

Directors Guild of America Nominations 2015

Directors Guild of America announced their nominations for 2014. Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater and Morten Tyldum each received their first ever DGA nominations for their respective films. Alejandro G. Inarritu and veteran Clint Eastwood rounding out the list had nominations before. So are these nominations surprising? No! Except maybe Clint Eastwood because "American Sniper" hasn't truly been among the most rewarded and acclaimed films with critics or the guilds, it has received a few nominations but I wasn't confident about it breaking in with the DGA. My alternate picks were both Ava DuVernay for "Selma" and David Fincher for "Gone Girl". Of course I had Damien Chazelle predicted for "Whiplash", meaning I got four right so that is good. Linklater, Innaritu and Anderson have all been receiving so much love and very deserving. Tyldum has a prestige British biopic backed by Weinstein so that is a no-brainer. Lets see what the Academy nominates.

1. WES ANDERSON - The Grand Budapest Hotel

Mr. Anderson's Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Miki Emmrich
First Assistant Director: Josh Robertson
Second Assistant Director: Ben Howard 

2. CLINT EASTWOOD - American Sniper

Mr. Eastwood's Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Tim Moore
First Assistant Director: David M. Bernstein
Second Assistant Director: Paula Case
Second Second Assistant Director: Clark Credle
First Assistant Director (Morocco Unit): Ahmed Hatimi
Second Assistant Director (Morocco Unit): Yann Mari Faget
Second Second Assistant Directors (Morocco Unit): Andrew Madden, Khalil Zghayou


Mr. Iñárritu's Directorial Team:
Unit Production Managers: James W. Skotchdopole, Robert Graf
First Assistant Director: Peter Kohn
Second Assistant Director: Amy Lauritsen
Second Second Assistant Director: Catherine Feeny
Location Manager: Joaquin Prange


Mr. Linklater's Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager: Cathleen Sutherland
First Assistant Director: Vince Palmo Jr.
Second Assistant Directors: Susana Jasso, Kathleen Tull
Second Second Assistant Directors: Mary Beth Chambers, Brian Franklin

5. MORTEN TYLDUM - The Imitation Game

Mr. Tyldum's Directorial Team:
Production Manager: Suzie Shearer
First Assistant Director: Phil Booth
Second Assistant Director: James Manning