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Jan 1, 2012

Worst, Overrated and Overlooked Movies of 2011

Top 10 Worst Movies Of 2011

                  Now there have been a lot of bad movies, absolute worst movies and disappointments this year. Earlier this year, all you could see or mostly you could see were movies that looked so good from the previews but actually ended up being awful. I saw those movies only that were either a sequel to a movie that i have seen before, starring an actors or actress that i like or simply a movie that i just happened to watch. So in my worst movies of 2011 list i am only going to include the movies that i myself have seen but there are far more worst ones out there that i never even dare to watch, most of them are the ones released in the past month or two.

So here is the list in ascending order with some brief description of why i think its the worst movie of the year:

10. Scream 4

I am not really a slasher genre fan but Scream 1 and 2 were movies i really liked. This movie was something i wasn't really excited to watch due to the latest reputation of the director making bad movies. This movie happens to laugh at it on self with everything being same old and too reputitive which really made me frustrated. This may not be a total disaster but still it reminded me of those spoof movies. This really is the worst entry and i hope there aren't more, film makers nowadays are making many unnecessary remakes or sequels.

9. Larry Crowne

Now this is something that really hurts, you wait to watch a movie that has some of your favorite actors not only acting but one of them actually directing it themself. This movie is so dull, boring and lifeless. Story is so much dragged at places than it is rushed and wrapped up so fast in other making a mess. Julia Roberts seemed so bored in this movie like she was forced to work in it.

8. Hall Pass

This year was so good for most of the comedies even the R rated once but this is an example of absolute awfulness. Story of this movie is so not good, so not interesting. It has moments where you know it is a joke but you don't laugh at all, many story elements were so not necessary but they stuffed it up with them. Movie just felt flat at every level.

7. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

With big expectations, comes big disappointments. I for once thought the new director, Rob Marshall will add some new interesting elements to it and give it a new look, which really is something he loves to do, but no. First of all it was so unoriginal, it took the plot or the ending of Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade i think and added it to this movie. Johnny Depp may never sieze to impress you with his Captain Jack Sparrow avatar but everything else about the movie was disappointing.

6. Green Lantern

How do you like a super hero movie with so much of goofiness, bad casting, awful acting, terrible script and above all, cartoonish silly looking visual effects. This stands as the year's most terrible super hero flick. I was just excited for the fact that we get to see a new Super Hero on big screen but it really wasn't the best they did. Terrible on so many level and quite dull.

5. Cars 2

I in my entire life never thought there would be a Pixar movie in my worst of the year list or i'll even consider giving one a below 3 stars rating but here you go. Such an unnecessary sequel, Picar is always good for being very original and keeping everything true to the material and topping everything that a moviegoer of every age would love. But they failed in a major way this time. It never impresses you but provides you with silly premise. The first Cars wasn't bad at all but slightly weaker than their other movies. They stuffed it up with James Bond/Jason Bourne styled spy thriller lost identity type of elements that were never made for the target audience at all. Younger audience might have been impressed visually by it but they might not wanna see cars being blown up or dying by bombs and machine guns, do they? And older audience doesn't wanna see cartoonish cars playing the character of Bond. I really hope Pixar learns from their mistake and dosen't disappoint us in the future because a year without a major Pixar movie is the worst year for animation.

4. Priest

Yes, this one is even worst than the last one. It has a priest who disobeys church law and trakes down the vampires that kidnapped his niece. This movie does offers some corny and guilty pleasured action sequences at the end which is a bit relief but overall it is something we have seen a dozen of times before. Small budget and B grade visual effects in a movie with a terrible screenplay is so not something i love. Plus i think Bettany needs to stop playing priests or any Christian/biblical realted characters who goes aginst the law and comes back as saviors i mean enough already.

3. The Hangover Part II

Yes i loved the first one and i don't think critics were wrong in praising it. This one is nothing but the same old movie with just different locations. Everything is exactly that happened before lacking the originality that the first one offered. I mean you know exactly what is going to happen next with these awful and pretentious charcters its just a epic mess and a unnecessary movie just made in order to earn big bucks and nothing else.

2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Now when will Michael Bay stop making these crappy action movies? When? When? perhaps never! I thought the second movie was so full of things and overstuffed that it ended up giving me a headache but this one, its filled with nothing at first then so much action and visual effects that doesn't indulge you that much at last. It has nothing happening for more than hour with just crappy acting, awful and not even laughable jokes and just trying to fill the screen time i mean would that make up a viewer prepared and all pumped up for all the destructuons that will happen in the end or would it distracts them from that? I think it does the later one. I do think that visual effects were jaw dropping as usual and action sequences towards the ends were really cool to watch on the big screen but on the whole, it is one of the worst action movie i have ever seen in my entire life.

1. Season of the Witch

See the thing that is wrong with this movie is that it is so forgettable that i don't even remember what happened in the movie and why i disliked it. It was the first movie of the year and it disappointed so much, this was the start of Nicholas Cage's downfall in my eyes, though it all started last year but still! This movie is so boring, dull and empty like literally bad storytelling and everything. This is a movie that i literally hated watching and was a utter waste of time. Awful.

Dishonorable Mentions:

1. The Eagle
2. Drive Angry
3. Super
4. Henry's Crime
5. Your Highness
6. No Strings Attached
7. Red State
8. One Day

Some Overrated Movies Of The Year

In no particular order:

1. Captain America: The First Avenger

Unlike Green Lantern where i was excited to see a new super hero coming alive on screen but leaving disappointing, this one actually wasn't quite bad. Movies wasn't a complete failure let me tell you but it wasn't that good. It was so average but critics loved it? Audience appreciated it? Did the saw the same version as i did? This movie suffered from not so good writing, absolute dull and boring moments where i actually for the first time during a Super hero movie felt asleep, yes i did. It had below average to bad visual effects but weren't as disastrous as Green Lantern's. Still it left me feeling nothing at all but everyone seemed to have loved it.

2. The Help
No i am not a racist, no i loved and got emotional over some of the moments in the movie. If you see my review, you would realize how much of a conflict i was having with this movie where i loved to death some of the things in the movie but on the other hand, many other things left me feeling so bad about it. It favored from excellent performances that deserves Oscar recognition. But the movie and screenplay itself weren't that strong as to be given Oscar nomination. I wasn't worried when everywhere, audience talked about its Oscar chances but now i am so scared after all the award presence and critics love when they themselves didn't quite priased the movie.

3. Crazy, Stupid, Love

I don't know, i might have to see it again or something because i didn't thought it was that good at all the way critics and specially audience made it out to be. Gosling didn't acted well in it but had superb charm and appeal. There wasn't something special in the movie jsut dragged and boring story. Still i don't think it is a bad movie but above average, but people think it is like one of the year's best. One think to be noted that all four movies included in my Overated list got 3 out of 5 stars from me.

4. Warrior

The thing with warrior is that it has Tom Hardy that people seem to love and a movie about MMA. Come on everyone loves fights and macho action flicks. I thought it would end up like the Fighter but with more fighting scenes and some corny emotions thrown here and there, what i saw was nothing i expected at all. It wasn't inspiring or uplifitng at all just overall a nice movie to waste time on. One thing that i appreciate and love is Nick Nolte's super performance that deserves an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. You will see this movie in many of the end of the year list of people and even some critics, it also ended up in the Top 10 highest viewer rated movies of 2011 list of IMDB which proves to me just how overrated people tend to make certain type of movies.

Some Overlooked Movies Of The Year

In no particular order:

1. The Beaver

Now is it fair to ignore a movie completely just because an actor had a real life crisis? It really got effected by all the negativity that surrounded Mel Gibson and ended up making below a million dollars! no one even saw it. That is really disguisting. This is a good dramatic movie that leaves you emotionally heart wrenched and features perhaps the best performance of Gibson's career, maybe his real life conflicts effected his on screen performance. Foster's attempt as a director was really good once again and the supporting young cast was good too.

2. Hanna

Yes i know most of the people liked it but there still were some cold reactions from the audience, it really was a much more punked and kick a**ed version of Drive (that doesn't make Drive look bad at all) that really got somewhat same reaction that Drive got from most of its audience. It had excellent score and superb performance from Saoirse Ronan.

3. Barney's Version

A well acted and well crafted dramedy that people didn't even cared about. it featured terrific performances from the entire cast and a excellent screenplay that just went wasted that is all.

4. The Way Back

It was an offbeat epic adventure movie that people though would include some dramatic action effects but they were disappointed to find close to reality approach of the director. I was impressed by how well made it was but beautiful cinematography and great portrayal of human strength and potential.

5. Cedar Rapids

A small Sundance type of comedy with a big heart, it had jokes that really were added as jokes. Characters were someone that went from unknown to not so likable to finally lovable at the end. A very touching comedy that left me wondering how good it was. It needed much more appreciation that it got.

6. Another Earth

A long forgotten movie that really impressed me with the exact first watch. It is superbly honest movie with elements that mind reminds you of Melancholia, it is not about the end of the world but about another world that may or may not have a better human self of you than you are. A mvoie with good performance and stunning visuals that once again reminded us that budget doesn't matter at all but the writng does.

7. Friends with Benefits

Yes i know what you are thinking but this movie wasn't bad or repeatitive at all. People compared it to No Strings Attached but i didn't saw any other comparison then what the title suggests, it is like any other movie except the fact that they have a no strings attached kind of a realtionship. Comic timings of the actors and the script itself was spot on, it really had elements that left me feeling so good, nostalgic and some tears in the eyes too. At a first glance, it looked like a awful R rated comedy with bad language and obscene jokes but it rarely had. Mila Kunis is a stunning actress with a great future i hope. I loved it and enjoyed it a lot.