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Jan 8, 2015

ASC Award Nominations 2015

The American Society of Cinematographers announced their nominations for 2014. Roger Deakins continues his nominations streak, recognized this year for "Unbroken". Dick Pope nominated for his exquisite work in "Mr. Turner". And then... "The Imitation Game" out of nowhere gets nominated for its cinematography! I haven't seen the film myself but is it seriously so striking in that department? The biggest shock would be no "Interstellar", a film that has received appreciation by critics for Hoyte Van Hoytema's work. I was expecting a nomination for "Ida" as well but that didn't happen. Oh well, here is the full list of nominees:

Roger Deakins, ASC, BSC for "Unbroken"
Óscar Faura for "The Imitation Game"
Emmanuel Lubezki ASC, AMC for Birdman"
Dick Pope, BSC for "Mr. Turner"
Robert D. Yeoman, ASC for "The Grand Budapest Hotel"