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Feb 3, 2014

Awards Round-up: WGA, ASC and Annie 2014

So three different awards bodies announced their winners today. Writers Guild Award winners includes "Her" and "Captain Phillips". Not shocking for me personally considering I was expecting Her to rightfully beat "American Hustle". The latter win however comes as a shock in the presence of such films as "Before Midnight" and "The Wolf of Wall Street". I am really hoping that Her wins the Oscar as well.

Elsewhere, American Society of Cinematographers announced "Gravity" as the winner, giving the great Emmanuel Lubezki his 3rd prize after "Children of Men" and "Tree of Life". He is also a surefire bet to win the Oscar as well.

Last but not the least, "Frozen" is your winner for this year's Annie. Congratulations to all the winners.

WGA Awards:-

Best Original Screenplay:
Her (Spike Jonze)

Best Adapted Screenplay:
Captain Phillips (Billy Ray)

Best Documentary Screenplay:
Stories We Tell (Sarah Polley)

ASC Awards:-

Best Cinematography:
Emmanuel Lubezki, Gravity

Annie Awards:-

Best Animated Feature:
Frozen, Walt Disney Animation Studios