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Sep 10, 2012

My Most Anticipated Fall Movies of 2012

1. The Master
2. Argo
3. To the Wonder
4. Amour
5. The Place Beyond Pines

The reason why The Master is my most anticipated movie of the year should be no surprise because i am a huge fan of Paul Thomas Anderson. The synopsis of the movie sounds very interesting and so does many other things if you check out the trailer. Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams are having the time of their lives, they are on top of every one's Oscar Predictions. PTA's follow up to There Will be Blood looks visually stunning and more of a atmospheric character study than a plot driven drama. Argo on the other hand is the third directorial feature of Ben Affleck who got a unanimously positive response at Telluride for a movie that is said to be free from period movie cliches with more suspense and a good humor. Third most anticipated movie is of course, Terrence Malick's follow up to my 2nd most favorite movie of 2011. To the Wonder is no simple romantic drama, as Affleck himself said after watching it "it makes Tree of Life looks like a Transformer movie" the boos it got at Venice (same as TOL at Cannes) looks like the usual Malick movie and his own unique approach of tackling subjects like nature, faith, God, love, affection ,creation.... but moreover its about two people in love, losing the faith and falling for someone else. I am expecting another masterpiece.

Amour on the other hand is from Michael Haneke whose movies like Cache and The Piano Teacher i have seen and loved them for their bold and rawness of human emotions, the darkest deepest ugliest depths of them. Here however from what i heard after its Cannes premiere where it won Best Picture is the most heart touching and different movie so far. I hope it impresses me as much as i hope it will and that it gets nominated for Oscar. My 5th most anticipated movie is Derek Cianfrances' The Place Beyond the Pines which i am not sure when is releasing, is a movie from the director-actor duo who brought us Blue Valentine which simply blew me away with its rawness and depth.

6. Frankenweenie
7. Django Unchained
8. Frances Ha
9. Les Miserables
10. Killing them Softly

Frankenweenie has been my most anticipated animated movie of the year, not sure after the track record of Tim Burton but his return to creepy stop motion animation (the last one being Corpse Bride and A Nightmare before Christmas before that) sounds impressive to me. Django Unchained is from Quentin Tarantino which is the only reason i am excited for this movie. Tarantino style of blood, violence and vengeance - Spaghetti Western style sounds like a winning formula. Noah Baumbach is an interesting director better known for his indie comedies or dramedies got amazing response for his new movie Frances Ha which is in Black and White starring Greta Gerwig, Adam Driver etc looks absolutely amazing, not much is known about it but i have heard its has something to do with dancing.

Les Miserables is a musical movie based on the famous musical directed by The King's Speech Tom Hooper and starring actors like Hathaway, Jackman and Crowe looks amazing, i am expecting a great movie. Killing the Softly marks the return of Director-Actor duo (Andrew Dominik-Brad Pitt) after The Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Ford in an action movie that is being called as too much arty stuff with high political overtones.

11. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
12. Skyfall
13. Mud
14. Life of Pi
15. Seven Psychopaths

Peter Jackson is bringing back Shire this fall with the prequel to Lord of the Rings called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Based on the popular books, there were suppose to be just 2 movies but as you all know, Peter Jackson has decided to make them into a trilogy as well. Lets hope he finds enough material to fill up three movies with since there isn't much to show i suppose. My twelfth most anticipated movie is Skyfall, the next James Bond 007 movie starring Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem, Ralph Finnes to name a few. Directed by British Indie favorite Sam Mends for a change, i expect nothing but amazing things from this movie and hope its far better than Quantum of Solace which was a misfire. Mud is Jeff Nichols' follow up to one of the best American Indie movies last year, Take Shelter, starring Michael Fassbender of 2012 Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon. The word of mouth at Cannes was generally positive once again claiming it to be one of the best American Indie movie of the year.

At 14 is Life of Pi from Director Ang Lee whose work i have always admired, a person who does many type of movies and does them in quiet amazing ways, from British Costume/Period Dramas to Chinese Martial Arts and from a Movie about 2 men in love to a Green beast. Life of Pi strikes me as visually compelling journey of a lost boy and for him to hold on to the hope and his faith of survival. Seven Psychopaths looks like a mad fun, dark comedies with absolutely crazy situations i often love. Coming from the makers of In Bruges, i expect nothing less.

16. Zero Dark Thirty
17. Lincoln
18. Holy Motors
19. The Sessions
20. Cloud Atlas

Wow so many movies to look forward to, sorry for such clumsy write up but yeah i can't say everything because it is getting very long and nor can i hold up my excitement. Zero Dark Thirty is from Oscar Winning Female Director of The Hurt Locker, Katheryn Bigelow. It follows the very recent story of American Navy Seal's operation to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. Lincoln is from Steven Spielberg who recently made some pretty disappointing movies, he has lost his touch for sure but he still is an amazing filmmaker. The reason why i am looking forward to this movie is because of actor Daniel Day-Lewis who without a doubt is the best working actor of our time and secondly, the title character. Holy Motors on the other hand is a mystery, that movie premiered at Cannes with such confusing response. Some people praised its insanity while others weren't pleased by it. The Session which was previously known as The Surrogate is a story about Polio stricken man wanting to loose his virginity by hiring a sex surrogate. It won Audience Choice Award at Sundance and is considered an Oscar favorite mostly for the actors. And on number 20 is Cloud Atlas based on the highly ambitious and "Unfilmable" novel. The 6 minutes long trailer showed us too much, still left us with many more questions. An epic hit or a trashy miss?

21. Not Fade Away
22. Much Ado About Nothing
23. The Sapphires
24. The Impossible
25. A Royal Affair

Not Fade Away is from Sopranos director about a group of teenagers in 60's forming a band and trying to make it big, it sounds appealing to me. Joss Whedon is coming back after The Avengers with his Black and White Shakespeare Adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing which i think is going to be very witty and fun. Movies like The Sapphires and The Impossible weren't in my list, but after i watched the trailers for both of them, i found them interesting. There is big buzz surrounding The Sapphires about aboriginal singers which looks like Dreamgirls meets The Help meets any War Movies. The Impossible starring Naomi Watts is a drama based on tsunami. Last movie in my list is the Danish costume drama A Royal Affair, i always enjoy watching movies like these.

               No, The Hunt, Midnight's Children, Rust & Bone, Anna Karenina, Looper, Imogene, The Iceman and Ginger & Rosa.