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May 16, 2012

My Most Anticipated Cannes 2012 Movies.

               Well Cannes Film Festival started today with the reviews of its opening film "Moonrise Kingdom" circulating throughout the internet world and specially on Twitter where as you might see that is all what i tweeted or re-tweeted about. I always wanted to attend Cannes film festival, that is a wish of mine but what i can only do is look forward to the reviews for some of my anticipated movies and also to the awards season. Most of the buzz starts here as last year has to be the fine example of it with The Artist raving and enormous buzz that led to its Oscar win. So here is my list of Most Anticipated Movies shown in Cannes in any category (In-Competition, Out of Competition or Un-Certain Regard):

1. Moonrise Kingdom

Directed by the odd but brilliant filmmaker Wes Anderson, the movie with its very first look grabbed my attention. He is someone that most people don't get and others are a die hard fan of his work. It looks stunning, Anderson bringing his well known visual style and a odd downbeat story about two very young lovebirds running off their home. Its one of my most anticipated movies of the year overall and is the only reason why i am dying to be in Cannes right now.

2. Cosmopolis

With a very dull and weak looking movie A Dangerous Method not causing a much needed stir for a filmmaker like David Cronenberg, the man is back with a movie that truly describes him as a filmmaker. Cosmopolis oddly stars Robert Pattinson as a young billionare riding across Manhattan in his limo to get a haircut with some odd and bizarre encounters on his way. The trailer shows some disturbing, shocking and sickening shots that just makes you more and more excited. I hope this movie works for him.

3. Killing Them Softly

Andrew Dominik directed a very wonderful movie called "The Assassination of Jesse James by Coward Robert Redford" which was one of my favorite movies of the year. He is back once again with Brad Pitt and a couple of other actors knows for a genre like this, Ray Liotta to be exact in a movie that looks very offbeat mob flick.

4. To Rome With Love

While i am not as excited for this movie as i was for the magical and wonderful "Midnight in Paris" but the anticipation of Woody Allen's next have never been this much high ever. The trailer showed some silly jokes and overall i fear it might end up like his movie "You will meet a tall Dark Stranger" which was a utter disappointment, i still have big hopes. This movie is being shown in Out of Competition while Midnight in Paris last year opened this festival that went on getting many awards and Academy love.

5. Like Someone in Love

The Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami who made a gem like movie out of his country "Certified Copy" which ended up on my personal list and awards is back with a movie set in Japan this time. Words can describe who utterly magnificent that movie was with Juliette Binoche giving a performance of a lifetime so i am really looking forward to this one.

6. Lawless

The trailer showed it as a very superbly stylized gangster flick with beautiful set and production design and some potential good performances. It has a strong cast including Hardy, Chastain, Pearce and others, it looks like something to anticipate for sure.

7. Beasts of the Southern Wild

This small indie movie by a first time director won the hearts of many people earning it the biggest award of the night at this year's Sundance Film Festival is being shown at Cannes in Un-Certain Regards category. The trailer showed it as a very imaginative, ambitious dramatic movie with some fantasy references that is bound to win audiences over.

8. Rust and Bone

I am quite familiar with the director Jacques Audiard's work in his last movie "A Prophet" which i have yet to see but the reason this movie got my attention is a stunning looking performance by Oscar winner Marion Cotillard. She is the frontrunner for Best Actress at Cannes and might be a competition in the coming Awards Season.

9. Mud

Jeff Nicholas blew my mind with this superb work on his movie "Take Shelter" and he is back again with Mud starring Matthew McConaughey, Reese Witherspoon and Others. The movie might again gives us some performances to look forward to like his last movie did with Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain.

10. On The Road

What can i say about this movie? With The Paperboy for Zac Efron, Cosmopolis for Robert Pattinson and now On the Road for Kristen Stewart, Cannes is buzzing with these teenage stars who no one thought would every end up there. Walter Salles who directed some good movies adapts a groundbreaking novel on the beat generation. The trailer has this certain kind of appeal that grabs you.