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Jan 11, 2012

Review: Dolphin Tale (2011)

                  Harry Connick Jr, Nathan Gamble, Ashley Judd, Kris Kristofferson, Morgan Freeman, Cozi Zuehlsdorff, Winter, Ray McKinnon, Austin Stowell, Jim Fitzpatrick, Austin Highsmith, Ashley White, Kurt Yaeger, Marc Macaulay, Rus Blackwell, Michael Roark, Juliana Harkavy and Richard Libertini.

Directed By:
                         Charles Martin Smith.

                Okay so this family drama is based on a book which is based on a real life events that took place in 2005 on the shores of Florida but few of the events have been changed in the movie. I didn't thought this movie would do much good on the Box Office or with the critics but would be a usual B movie with some well known actors. I was literally surprised by the success of this movie with both, it really was something that was appealing to the families and critics called the best family movie. It is made in a very smart way, not like your usual silly corny children movies. An injured bottelnose dolphin is seen along the shores by a fisherman who calls for help where Sawyer played by Nathan Gamble who is biking both call for assistance and rescue workers from Clearwater Marine Hospital comes which is run by Dr. Clay played by Harry Connick Jr. Sawyer who is having some troubles at homes develops a bond with the dolphin and the daughter of Dr. Clay Hazel one day lets him in the hospital where her father doesn't really allows untrained people. Sawyer skips classes to visit Winter, his mom is surprise by his attitude and change in behavior which was effected when his father left them 5 years ago. Winter's tail had to amputated but it develops an alternate type of swimming technique which is later revealed to be life threatening for him. Sawyer while visiting his cousin meets Dr. Cameron who specializes in the prosthetic limbs making and thinks he might help winter. Thus begins their journey to try making prosthetic tails for winter, they are hit badly by a hurricane too, they already were financially weak. But an idea of Sawyer really does save everything at last.

              I honestly don't like most of the children or family centered movies these days as they are nothing but junks, with silly one liners from animated or talking animal characters and hilariously noisy use of over the top CGI that does nothing but drive children mad. This is a movie that will touch their heart, show them some good drama, will teach them some good family values and will provide them some entertainment too. This is type of family centered movie that is really missing from screens and is a welcome surprise to have it finally, a truly breath of fresh air. The actors have done their best it is well made and executed. This movie is quite a uplifting and heart warming tale of this dolphin that leaves you cheering and inspired at the same times. I was really moved by some scenes and got tears in my eyes during the scenes where they try their very best to give this dolphin its new tail and the end where they shows the documentary footage of the real life hospital and everything.

              It has a really nice use of CGI, very minimal and only where it needed. A story about family and friendship bonds, moving on in your life, believing and fighting for what you believe in. It is directed very well and written too, for me it was a change in my movie viewing experience to have seen all year long some quite dramatic, action, awfully stupid and some disturbing movies to finally have a experience like this. I literally enjoyed watching this movie and felt connected to it. Do watch it when you have time, with your family or even alone if you don't want them to see you cry while watching the dolphin-Sawyer swimming scenes. Literally one of the best family movie of the year. Good attempt.

Grade: B