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Feb 21, 2016

Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards 2016

Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road prevails. The film has won two Awards at the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild for its make up in a period Film while Cinderella won for its hair. Check out the winners below:

Best Period and/or Character Make-Up:
Nadine Prigge, Ailie Smith and Lesley Vanderwalt (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Best Period and/or Character Hair Styling:
Orla Carroll, Carol Hemming and Yoshihara Wakana (Cinderella)

Best Contemporary Make-Up:
Autumn Butler, Rory d'Alonzo and James MacKinnon (Furious 7)

Best Contemporary Hair Styling:
Daina Daigle, Meagan Herrera and Cheryl Marks (Pitch Perfect 2)

Best Special Make-Up Effects:
Damian Martin, Jaco Snyman and Elka Wardega (Mad Max: Fury Road)