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Dec 23, 2015

Utah Film Critics Association Awards 2015

Inside Out

Utah critics awarded their best picture prize to the one and and only MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. Also won by this action masterpiece were the awards for its creator and photographer, thus the most awarded. INSIDE OUT won animated film and original screenplay. In a very different move, Rose Byrne was given supporting actress award for her quite the standout feature from the awesome SPY. A first for her this season. What else won here? Check them out below:

Best Picture:
Mad Max Fury Road

Best Director:
George Miller (Mad Max: Fury Road)

Best Actor:
Leonardo DiCaprio (The Revenant)

Best Actress:
Brie Larson (Room)

Best Supporting Actor:
Sylvester Stallone (Creed)

Best Supporting Actress:
Rose Byrne (Spy)

Best Original Screenplay:
Inside Out

Best Adapted Screenplay:
The Martian

Best Non-English Film:

Best Animated:
Inside Out

Best Documentary:
The Hunting Ground

Best Cinematography:
Mad Max: Fury Road