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Nov 4, 2012


          Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Fran Kranz, Jesse Williams, Richard Jenkins, Bradley Whitford, Brian White, Amy Acker, Sigourney Weaver, Tim de Zarn, Jodelle Ferland, Matt Drake, Dan Payne, Dan Shea, Maya Massar and Tom Lenk.

                   Drew Goddard.

                 Much was said and enough was held in order to not spoil it for everyone, when this movie was released. The Cabin in the Woods whose trailer hinted towards something other than what usual movies with the words "Cabin" and "Woods" would have offered otherwise. Drew Goddard who directed and co-written alongside Joss Whedon a movie that was in developmental hell for a few years but emerged as one of the best and the most shocking movies of the year. To do something new in the horror genre these days is not only difficult for many but impossible considering the slew of shamefully typical and awful movies that are made for a certain type of audience. The Cabin in the Woods turned out to be Drew Goddard's sort of hate letter to the modern conventional horror film making and a kind of satire by bending and adding many elements to the movie that you wont find otherwise. While poking fun at the genre it also helped breathe a new life into it.

               Movie begins with an industrial facility where we meet Richard Sitterson (Richard Jenkins), Steve Hadley (Bradley Whitford) and Wendy Lin (Amy Acker) preparing for some big operation. I was completely unaware of what they where going to do but my initial guess after the trailer was indeed that someone controls the place. We see that many of these operations are taking over the world and that these people literally bet on what happens throughout their operations. On the other hand we meet the gang of people who'll be soon heading towards the cabin in the woods. We have college students Dana (Kristen Connolly), Jules (Anna Hutchison) and her boyfriend Curt (Chris Hemsworth), Holden (Jesse Williams), and Marty (Fran Kranz) who are going to take a vacation on a remote cabin. Its the basic stereotype when you look at the characters, their appearances and the way they are. Jules and Curt are this blond cheerleader/jock couple, Marty is the annoying crazy person while Dana and Holden both seems same and sane at the same time, they are good, intelligent and smart. When they reach the cabin, the "observing technicians" use the controls that they have for the environment of the cabin and its surrounding area and also releases some mood altering drugs that will manipulate a certain person into following a scenario while increase in their sexual libido, lowering intelligence and will effect their personalities basically compelling them towards danger. The first freakiest glimpse we get is of a supposed family that lived here, the things that belongs to them are in the cellar. Reading a dairy that was found there triggers the scenario that is written and we see a family of zombies rising from their graves outside. For a moment i was really shocked i mean it was hilarious to see something like this actually happening and even though you know its staged but it isn't until after that you realize that they actually can hurt people. What follows next is a serious of attempts to kill these visitors in order to fulfill a ritual that they have been doing for so many years.

                The Cabin in the Woods in pretty usual fashion starts up and continues in a typical horror/slasher movie style but the writers constantly reminds you of the fact that things aren't what they seem. Slowly things are build up towards what turns out to be a full on shocking finale which you would never see coming at all. The last half hour or so is what makes this movie something out of the ordinary and provides you with one hell of a conclusion. The blood-fest orgy of some of the most horrible, creepy and horrifying creatures followed by the end which has a very cult feel to it. The basic premise of this movie comes down towards the fact that the filmmaker wants you to have fun with every insane thing that is going on and get shocked, creeped out or disturbed by some of the most strangest things you see. The writers were brave enough to let their imaginations run wild and not care about anything else other than what they wanted to bring on screen. Intelligent, very meta and filled with moments of rare poignancy mixed with everything that i mentioned above making for a very great experience. The visual effects were surprisingly good enough considering it was a low budget movie. This is something you should must watch.

Grade: B+