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Mar 29, 2012

My Review for REAL STEEL.

                  Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, Evangeline Lilly, Kevin Durand, Hope Davis, James Rebhorn, Anthony Mackie, Olga Fonda and Karl Yune.

Directed By:
                         Shawn Levy.

                Now this is a movie i wont be writing much about because i don't have anything to say about it. I wasn't quite interested in watching this movie at all, i have lost my interest in these blockbuster action movies with everything big and out of the world but fails on the small things that truly defines a movie. But then it got a surprise nomination at the Oscars in the visual effects category due to which i had to see the movie. So this movie shows a time where human boxers been replaced by the robot boxers and Charlie Kenton played by Hugh Jackman owns one whose name is Ambush. He competes in matches and everything with it, Ambush gets destroyed by a bull at a rural fair and Charlie now owns some money to Ricky as a part of bet. Charlie's ex girlfriend dies and he then attends a hearing where his child Max's fate is decided. He give his full custody to one of his aunt and uncle in exchange of some money but has to look after him for some months. We then see Charlie's childhood friend Bailey who owns a boxing gym belonging to her father who was Charlie's coach. Charlie buys a secondhand World Robot Boxing League robot Noisy Boy but due to the over confidence and lack of experience with this highly developed robot, destroys it when competing in a illegal underground match. And the movie goes on as they find a robot in a junkyard and they soon perfect it and yes they win everything.

               Yes this movie is as simple as it sounds and i didn't felt anything for the characters or anything. Real Steel was a disappointing movie with not much into it except the visuals and some overly cliched writing. What i cared about was all the visual and guilty pleasure it had to offer me because beside that, there isn't much of a movie here. It goes into this very corny and cliched territory where we see a father son story, son who is quite annoying and grown up for his age and the father who is too childish for his and yes the son teaches his childish father some maturity over the days through something, which is fighting robots here. Son is shown to have this ability and intelligence for robots as per showing that he had in his blood or something. The fighting moments seems quite childish to me, i mean very WWE type where these visual effects created robots fight and during those scenes the movie gets completely off track from what it was trying to show us and vice versa. I am not sure Hugh Jackman really fits in any action movies beside X-Men but he does some nice work in dramas. This movie doesn't really feel very effective in any way nor does it touches you or make you feel uplifted or inspired but it offers some soulless guilty pleasure. Brainless fun for many viewers as this Rock em Sock em Rocky meets Transformers movie with some good visual effects work but not entirely worthy of a nomination to be honest. Its corny and sappy but a real crowd pleaser for sure.

Grade: C-