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Feb 27, 2012

My Review of the 84th Annual Academy Awards 2012

So i woke up a while ago as i didn't sleep the entire night to watch the biggest and most important event of the year. Some surprises, disappointments and many more things and its was a night to remember.

The Show:
                     A big round of applause for Billy Crystal as in my opinion he stole the show and did a fantastic job hosting. He was very funny, hilarious and very convincing as a Oscars host. I was actually worried to be honest as he was the last minute addition and that he heaven't hosted in years. The Academy didn't gave us a lot of things and kept everything quite and was hoping to give us surprises. I must say the very first moment when the whole 'Going digitally in every picture of the year' montage was shown, that showed how outstanding fun this whole show was going to be. This year's montage was the best and quite hilarious and very fast edge of the seat. Billy sang too about the movies and actors and some very funny moments during the whole show obviously. 

                   The presenters were quite fun too, Chris Rock, Will Ferrel, Zach Galifanakis, Emma Stone and everyone else did a good job but the whole Downey Jr thing was boring and forced. The brilliant thrilling performance by that Cirque deserved the standing ovation in my opinion. I really enjoyed the whole show and it was worth watching for sure, i watch movies the whole year anticipating them and the reviews followed by whether or not that movie will end up at the Oscars. Truly, the year ended for me just right about now. Got a bit emotional watching Oprah at the Governors and obviously seeing those who passed away last year including Sidney Lumet, Whitney Houston, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Jobbs and all the other wonderful people.

The Winners:
                           Hugo is surely the technical marvel this year and i am very happy it won the technical awards. I thought Academy will award Lubezki for his extraordinary cinematography in The Tree of Life who won every award this year for it but they instead went for Hugo which is again, not bad for it but i feel bad for Lubezki. Hugo also won Sound Editing, Sound Mixing and Art Direction which i predicted it will. The surprise came when it won Visual Effects which was exactly something i wanted it to win, i said that on Twitter that Apes might win but my choice is Hugo. Costumes Design went to The Artist and Makeup to The Iron Lady which was quite east to predict. Original Score to The Artist and Song to The Muppets which again was destined to win in these categories. In the shorts categories first of all, i was rooting for Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy a filmmkaer from my country Pakistan in Documentary Short for Saving Faces and she won, proud moment for all of us. The Shore won Live action short and Fantastic Flying Books won Animated Short which i though A Morning Stroll was going to win.

                        Pina or Paradise Lost were suppose to win the Documentary but Undefeated won, which was strange. My choice for Film Editing were either Moneyball or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and both of these movies had the whole The Social Network vibe to it as far as the Editing is concerned apart from writing and directing and yes, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo won though i thought they will favor The Artist. The much deserved win was A Separation and Rango in Foreign Language and Animation which really made me happy and a little emotional for A Separation which is my most favorite movie of the year. The predicted winner Midnight in Paris and The Descendants won the Original and Adapted screenplay awards though Moneyball deserved it more for adapted. I was hoping for a Picture/Director split but that didn't happened and Michel Hazanavicus won for directing the wonderful The Artist. Glad that the predicted winners got Supporting awards like Christopher Plummer and Octavia Spencer who were my favorites too. The biggest upset according to me was Meryl Streep winning for The Iron Lady over the much deserved Viola Davis and that was really a big disappointment i got really upset over that. Jean Dujardin (alas!) won over Clooney and Pitt and yes the big winner, Best Picture went to The Artists as well.

                          So this makes my prediction score 18/24 couldn't predict Streep, Cinematography, Editing, Visual Effects, Documentary and Animated Short. Also both Hugo and The Artist won 5 awards.

                    Christopher Plummers, Asghar Farhadi, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy speeches were good and i couldn't understand what the French winners were saying. Meryl Streep though everyone want to win, didn't quite felt comfortable over here winning as always but still who don't love to win. Dujardin did a bit Roberto there, saw that coming.

All in all a pretty stunning and spectacular night celebrating movies of 2011, that is the official Goodbye to the year 2011 in movies.