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Jan 25, 2012

Oscars Nominations 2012 - The Good and the Bad

                 So in this post i am just going to share what i think are the good and the bad surprises, i'll be individually posting about each category throughout these weeks till the Oscars. I am mainly going to point out the nominations that really were something i wsn't expecting rather than the most buzzed ones that everyone knew will get through somehow but the good surprises. And the most shocking nominations in the bad section.

The Good:

1. The Tree of Life getting nominated for both Best Picture and Director came to me as a happy and delightful surprise as i wasn't expecting it to happen but it definitely was one of my Oscars Wish that came true. Happy to see Academy giving respect to the person and a work that actually deserves it. Also Malick was snubed by DGA but he still got the nod which is great.

2. Gary Oldman getting the best Lead Actor nomination for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was another good surprise that many people thought wasn't going to happen because of Leo but it did and i knew it will happen. He gave a great performance and it finally was the time that Academy should have recognized him for his good work.

3. Rooney Mara got best Lead Actress nomination for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? who thought that was going to happen but there was a chance, a pretty strong one for her to get a nod as Academy always loves to give that one slot to a young and breakthrough performance. I am going to see the movie today but i know she gave a daring and gutsy performance.

4. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy got into best Adapted Screenplay came out as a big surprise, for a movie that adapted that classic spy thriller in the way it did to get a nod suggests that it isn't always necessary to go by exactly what the source material is but to invent and add your own creativity and imagination to it.

5. A Separation was the IT movie for Foreign Language category but i really wanted to see it getting a Original Screenplay nomination as it was the most flawlessly written movie i have seen last year. Very happy that my another wish came true.

The Bad:

1. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close got Best Picture nomination? i am sorry what ??? yes it did ! now i haven't seen the movie but look, it currently has a 49% score on Rotten Tomatoes which suggests it got mixed reviews. But isn't Oscars about the Best of the Best? wasn't the new voting system made for the Best of the Best movies? than why did they selected the worst nominee ever? i thought 2010 was perfect, the 10 movies were spot on but EL&IC nomination once again proved that no matter critics, audience or elite members of some academies, for the sheer purpose of their association or the other things, they ignore the best movies for the average ones. Shame.

2. I don't think the reason why i am including Demian Bichir here is becuase i am against him, no. I haven't seen the movie but by the look if it, it looks like one of the best performances but the only reason why i think he came of as a bad surprise was because he got here over Michael Fassbender for Shame which won many awards this year but didn't got a nod so that is the only reason.

3. Max Von Sydow for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close? i haven't seen it but i now think he must not be better than the slightly, i mean slightly overrated performance of Albert Brooks. I now think Brooks truly deseved the nomination but its unbelivable that Von Sydow hardly recieved any nod but the sudden out of nowhere Oscar nod is a shocking thing.

4. Kung Fu Panda 2 or Puss in Boots over Arthur Christmas is a shock considering Arthur Christmas not only got the best reviews but it actually was better than them which were all the good visual pleasure only.

5. Just 2 songs in the Original Song category? are you kidding me? They should have at least nominated 2 or 3 songs from The Muppets and that song from The Help which was fantastic.

6. Real Steel over The Tree of Life in visual effects category is a traversity, that is it.