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Jan 5, 2012

Review: Warrior (2011)

                  Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, Nick Nolte, Jennifer Morrison, Frank Grillo, Kurt Angle, Jake McLaughlin, Noah Emmerich, Kevin Dunn, Denzel Whitaker, Maximiliano Hern├índez, Erik Apple, Vanessa Martinez, Nate Marquardt, Anthony "Rumble" Johnson, Josh Rosenthal, Bryan Callen, Sam Sheridan, Justin Berg and Rashad Evans.

Directed By:
                         Gavin O'Connor.

                So Warrior is a Sports Drama with some good ol' action that tells story of two brothers and them entering the Mixed Martial Art MMA tournament and basically deals with their struggling relationship with their father and themselves. This movie was released with Contagion which was quite overlooked by many people but they appreciated it so much. I don't think i disliked Warrior at all but thought it was just overrated, it is not even near The Fighter or something like that but is a good movie to watch. I think people who are a die hard fans of action and fighting movies will love it and not to forget fans of Tom Hardy. So Tommy played by Tom Hardy is a former U.S. Marine has a love and hate relation with his father Paddy played by Nick Nolte because of his past behavior. Paddy is now a Christian but was very violent alcoholic in the past that hints towards their disturb childhood. During a visit he fails to impress Tommy that he have changed, Tommy enters a competition called as Sparta which is a MMA Tournament after he beats a well known fighter at a local gym and the video gets viral. Paddy's older son Brendan played by Joel Edgerton is a high school physics teacher struggling to cop with his financial difficulties even he and his wife Tess played by Jennifer Morrison works very hard, he has two daughters too. He has no other options but to enter the MMA local fights with different fighters which was his former profession earning enough to finish the loan but the rumors start spreading the school and he has to stop doing such a dangerous profession or would be expelled. With the help of his friend and trainer he enters the Sparta too just like his brother who is being trained by their father. Things get a bit thrilling and weird at the same time when the two brothers comes face to face with one another at the ring.

                 As this movie isn't your usual offbeat or indie movie but a mass entertainer, i would avoid giving out much smaller details of the movie. Now i think the scene stellar in this movie was the one and only Nick Nolte, i am rooting for him getting a Supporting Actor Oscar nomination, he is just brilliant. Tom Hardy's character was interesting and he performed nicely too while Joel's acting abilities aren't as good as both of them but he really handled this movie perfectly. Nick Nolte is pitch perfect in his portrayal of a troubled father finding his way back into his sons life. I was brilliantly touched, superbly effected and in some scene furious to his acts all at once which is a rare thing for an actor playing such a diverse role to convince you through all these factor even if director doesn't show some of them. You can clearly see paddy's past and his obvious willingness of a bright future in his eyes. I think this is one of the best supporting performance of the year, brilliant and outstanding. I will also appreciate Tom Hardy's work in this movie as deeply satisfying and quite convincing. Joel Edgerton is fine too but Tom Hardy plays his character with much more conviction. Overall the movie is very heartbreaking and somewhat gripping sports action drama that truly knows its audience and their emotional spots. Towards the end it came of as emotionally satisfying to me and i really like the human spirit of this movie.

                 I think it might be the lack of interest in the sport movies or in fact in the fighting movies but then i appreciated Moneyball and The Fighter tremendously. I don't know what holds me back for giving this movie a above average score but not a very good one like everyone else and the fact that i am calling it overrated. I think the character development in this movie is outstanding, just a few minutes into their life and you feel like you knew everything about them. At the end, it is a rare fact that no one comes out as a loser in the movie, everyone wins which is a satisfying ending in terms of the story where they were doing the fights not to win or make their careers but for some specific reasons. I think the fights scenes were carefully examined and added, i was thrilled by many of the sequences specially the endings one. There is story development and everything in the start but hardcore fighting scenes in the other half. It has fine music and cinematography to it too. I enjoyed the movie, not all of it but most of the parts and thought it could have been a bit better than what it already is. But its not bad or average at all,i think you will have a good time watching this movie.

Grade: C+