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Jan 6, 2012

Review: Margin Call (2011)

                  Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Zachary Quinto, Penn Badgley, Simon Baker, Aasif Mandvi, Mary McDonnell, Stanley Tucci, Demi Moore, Ashley Williams and Al Sapienza.

Directed By:
                         J.C. Chandor.

                This movie is destined to make my Honorable Mention list when i'll make a proper one or it may peek into my top 20 too, you never know. It at first didn't looked liked a movie that i would like or feel connected to it because of the topic. I am certainly not into the commerce/financial stuff but have seen a few movies on the financial crisis, none of them is even close to this slow burning and often edgy movie. This indie financial drama is an excellent movie based on a group of people at a big investment bank and their actions taken during the 2007-08 financial crisis or collapse. The time period that the entire movie take place is just a 36-hour period, yes it is very slow but is more thrilling and exciting than many other movies. The it takes a closer, deeper and more clearer look at the financial meltdown is very interesting and noteworthy. I still have my own problems with not understanding much going on in the movie because of my lack of interest and knowledge about this field but this movie didn't made me confused or that i felt totally stranger but instead it was an easy watch movie. I heard the Oscar winning documentary Inside Jod does the better job in representing each and every person behind the financial meltdown as a villain and is much more detailed and honest study but this movie does shows the fact that not everyone behind were evils but bring some human characters too.

                 Movie starts with the decisions of laying off some of the company's employees including Eric Dale who before leaving handles a USB drive to one of the workers there Peter Sullivan played by Zachary Quinto and tells him to be careful with that. He doesn't leave and tries to understand the data contained in it and discovers something massive, together with two other co-workers Will Emerson played by Paul Bettany and Seth Bregman played by Penn Badgley they figure out the fact that they might be going towards a severe loss, something that would totally destroy their company. They inform their seniors about everything and thus begins the process of decision makings, the unethical decisions they have to make in order to save their jobs and their company. You see slowly how the bodies involved in the company reacts to everything, there are many characters in the movie and each plays their role perfectly and quite clearly. There is Sam Rogers played by Kevin Spacey than Sarach Richardson played by Demi Moore together with Ramesh Shah played by Asif Madvi, Jared Cohen played by Simon Baker ranks superior to them and then the final Ceo John Tuld played by Jeremy Irons. Everything in this movie is explained in quite simple and understandable terms for viewers like me who knows nothing about economics and stuff, quite a easy language that truly transforms into this good study.

                 This movie has one of the very best ensemble cast of the year packed with some superb and stellar performances. Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons and Stanley Tucci comes out as the three outstanding performers with Zachary Quinto, Paul Bettany, Simon Baker and even Penn Badgley not far behind. The presence of Jeremy Irons in the movie is just strong, he plays the kind of character who seems like a cunning and evil person because he is the authority. He steals the scenes with his outstanding performance and superb dialogue delivery. Movie begins with a very brilliant performance by Stanley Tucci that honestly sets the tone for everyone else, in the scenes where he is about to get fired is the one to watch. Kevin Spacey impressed me after a very long time due to his really bad choices of movies and some over the top dull performances but here he is cast perfectly. And some scene stealing jobs from the rest of the cast too in their particular moments. Everyone is cast perfectly and delivers one of their best.

                Two thumbs up to J.C. Chandor, his debut movie as a director is quite intense and near flawless, definitely one of the best debut director of 2011. Screenplay is quite tightly written with a nice if somewhat uneven flow of the story that really is the demand here. Outstanding cinematography and other technical stuff. A entertaining financial thriller drama that needs to be viewed, the best look at the Wall Street than two of the other movies that did so lately.

Grade: B+