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Jan 19, 2012

Review: The Future (2011)

                  Miranda July, Hamish Linklater, David Warshofsky, Isabella Acres, Joe Putterlik, Angela Trimbur, Mary Passeri, Kathleen Gati, Erinn K. Williams and Oona Mekas.

Directed By:
                         Miranda July.

                I saw this movie with even less expectations than Another Earth and i was disappointed a bit, not in the movie but in myself because i really wasn't able to get the most of the movie, i didn't quite understood the whole premise of it. I was going through depressions and regrets and some mix feelings of that sort when i saw both Melancholia and Another Earth, somehow i ended up watching them but the day i saw Miranda July's indie drama The Future was i think not meant for the viewing or something, i just wasn't ready or in the mood. So i would give a review but will update it once i see the movie again, which i don't think is happening anytime soon. So this movie revolves around a couple in their 30's or mid 30's that are having troubles, Sophie played by Miranda July herself and Jason played by Hamish Linklater. They are just a usual and regular couple living their life and going on with it. This movie has some or should i say many underlying points and references to life and the simplest, smallest to the quite big and larger aspects of it mainly concerning with ones existence and the relationships. This movie challenges viewers so much, i found myself completely stunned with Miss Miranda July's unique, creative and such deep observation about life and then making this movie with such poetic potential, now that i think of it, i really want to view and explore the movie very closely and carefully.

               Their life takes a complete different and unique turn which turns their life upside down and so does challenges their relationship and their feelings and faith in each other. They decide to adopt a cat Paw Paw which they would be getting in a month or so. With the fear of responsibility and burden, they decide to live their life the fullest. Jason and Sophie both quit their jobs and starts doing what they wanted to, they fear the moment they adapt the cat would end everything, They will get old and eventually die. The movie mainly is about Sophie's character, much of what goes on is about herself, she seems lost throughout like confused or blanked about her life and existence. She is waiting for something bigger and needs to explore her inner self. I wont be able to explain the most of it since i didn't quite understood the movie so if i am wrong about things, i apologize. There were some elements shown that were superbly weird but they really explained about the ongoing plots and subplots in the movie, they connect with the situations the characters are going through. Like the cat narration which is done by July herself in a weird cat voice who seems to be waiting for love and someone to take care of her. Cat is injured so that is why they are given a 30 days time period for the adoption. There is a t-shirt that seems to what word would be appropriate? walk or move? towards her and once she dances in it shows the point where she reached the place in her inside and finally a clear idea of her life. During the dance she is physically hidden. The other moment too with the Jason's character which i wont talk about is superbly original too.

               With so much going on it might confuse you if you have a short attention span as it really requires a close and deep viewing. That is not a bad thing about it, i think this movie really is an original piece of work. I am not quite sure about the performances as they failed to impress me but July as director and writer did her job the best. Miranda's writing and imagination power works well here and that becomes the more than enough reason that really guides you through the movie without the actors themselves doing the most. Movie is very slow, pacing is sometime painful to watch. It is outstandingly written and directed as i said. Very dark and with lots of ideas that really deserves a closer look.

Grade: B-